M-38 Top O’ The Mornin’ New SMG (COD WWII)

Open -> Call of Duty WW2 Hack

there is a noise level I want you all to be aware about, so please make sure your sounds is not to loud!!!

Today Call of Duty WWII had a new update, it was for the new Shamrock even that had started. The update had several changes, nearly a full visual update, not so much changed with the gameplay, unless you want to run around chasing leprechauns!? A new map was added Shipment 1944 and its still spawntrap central, but this video is about the NEW SMG and my thoughts on it! If the LMG happens to be worth the effort let me know in the comment section if I should make a video on it as well!

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Open -> Call of Duty WW2 Hack

WWII ADS Aim Assist

Open -> Call of Duty WW2 Hack

WWII ADS Aim Assist

This video shows off using WWII ADS Aim Assist with the WWII FPS Pack on a Strike Pack Firmware 2.0. MODPASS subscription required.

Helpful Links:

PS4 Strike Pack Mode Navigation with Modpass – https://youtu.be/JjT_wV9rffE
PS4 Strike Pack Game Pack Navigation – https://youtu.be/JHECEqjVCJ8
FPS Navigation PS4 – https://youtu.be/5Uu5-WYM3E8

XB1 Strike Pack Mode Navigation with Modpass – https://youtu.be/La47i98Z1V8
XB1 Strike Pack Game Pack Navigation – https://youtu.be/tAKVwMsj4JU
FPS Navigation XB1- https://youtu.be/phm74hCZNXg
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Open -> Call of Duty WW2 Hack

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Open -> Call of Duty WW2 Hack

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Open -> Call of Duty WW2 Hack

Sledgehammer Games SHOULDN’T Make Another Call of Duty (WWII MASTER PRESTIGE REWARD RANT)

Open -> Call of Duty WW2 Hack

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Open -> Call of Duty WW2 Hack